One size doesn’t fit all for clothes, right? What about a haircut? Nope! The same rule applies to eyebrows! At Noe Home of Beauty, we take pride in the title of “Brow Artist”.
Brow Artists at Noe Home of Beauty in Bethlehem, PA go through extensive theory and on-hands training to be able to assess and choose a brow shape, and even an in-fill color that suits you best.


Brow Tint

Looking a little sparse? Add a Tint session to your regular Brow Shaping appointment! Tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, deepen color, and define your brows. This service is loved for giving the appearance of thicker, more youthful-looking brows. This treatment lasts anywhere from 3-4 weeks.

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Brow Shaping

What does a Brow Shaping appointment consist of? Say goodbye to the traditional eyebrow wax and hello to shaping! This service includes a consultation, gentle wax, trimming of any unruly hairs, and clean up tweezing. An extra special step of an in-fill demo is taken at the end of your service to educate you on how to achieve your best brows at home.At Noe, we are an exclusive Kelley Baker Brows partner and retailer. Kelley Baker is a world-renowned Brow Artist to the stars and we are proud to use her methods and products.

male eyebrows

Men's Brows

Sis, your man needs a brow shaping too! We can help! We are experts at keeping eyebrows natural & masculine, yet tamed! Men book brow shaping appointments too, let go of the stigma!

Frequently Asked Brow Questions

“Why do you do my eyebrows upside down? … how, rather?”

Drawing/working upside down is a method that activates the brain's right side and enhances how you recognize shapes and lines in your art. People tend to draw what they know, so artists draw upside down to focus only on what they see ✨


“How often do I have to get my brows done?”

We recommend touching up your brows every 3-4 weeks to keep them looking their best!
*We do recommend 4-6 weeks of untouched growth for new clients visiting for the first time.


“Can I book an appointment with the same Brow Specialist every time?”

Sure can! Be sure to get your specialist’s name before rebooking so you know whom to reschedule with. Appointments can also be booked prior to leaving for up to 90 days. Book here.


“What does each Brow Shaping appointment consist of?”

Each appointment is done in a private room, with you reclined and relaxed in a comfortable and clean environment. During the service, your artist will wax, trim, and tweeze followed by an in-fill demo to educate you on how to achieve your best brow even when your brow girl isn't around!