Noe Home of Beauty specializes in waxing on all areas of the body from full face to Brazilian waxing. We provide services to both men and women in Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. Ditch the razor burn and ingrown hairs and leave hair removal to the experts.


We separate our services by body part. This may leave you wondering what exactly we’re waxing at the end of the day. Don’t worry, here’s a breakdown of each treatment.


Upper Body

Arms: This wax will give you smooth skin from your shoulders to your wrists. Looking to add hands? Be sure to select that add-on when booking online.

Chest: This includes the neck to 4 fingers below the nipple. 


Back: From shoulder to shoulder, starting below the neck and all the way to just above the glutes.


Lower Body

Legs: Get silky smooth from hips to feet. Looking to add toes? Be sure to select that add-on when booking online.

Brazilian/Bikini: Brazilian waxes go from the front all the way to the back and between the cheeks! Looking for something a little less? The bikini wax gets the region where a regular bikini sits to keep you groomed. About 2 fingers width inside the leg crease and out.

Buttocks: Goodbye swamp buns! Take off as much or as little as you’re comfortable with. From cheeks to crack.


Full Face

From forehead to the jawline, remove that pesky chin hair, upper lip fuzz, sideburns, nose, and more! You name it, we’ll wax that unwanted hair. Full face waxes also remove dead skin cells, leaving you with a smooth, glowy base for your makeup! Win, Win!


This does not include eyebrow wax. Please view our eyebrow services to understand why.

Pricing remains the same for half and the whole service of the region. Brazilian waxes are not available for men. Be sure to speak with your waxing specialist if you have questions!

Frequently Asked Waxing Questions

“How long should my hair be for a wax appointment?”

For best results, let your hair grow to about ¼ inch. Think, the length of a grain of rice!


“What type of wax do you use?”

Noe Home of Beauty uses hard wax to ensure comfortability along with great long-lasting results.


“How long will results last?”

Generally, wax results will last from 4-6 weeks. This depends on where on your body you got waxed, and the amount of hair you grow.


“What do I need to do to prepare for my wax appointment?”

Be sure your hair is long enough, we strongly suggest at least ¼ inch. Exfoliating the area you’re getting waxed so that it’s easier for the wax to adhere to the hair at least 2 days prior. On the day of the appointment, wearing loose-fitting clothing will help ease any discomfort you may have. 


“Does waxing hurt?”

Depends on who you ask! It is known that the more often you wax, the less painful it gets. If it’s your first time, we recommend taking an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory 30 minutes prior to your appointment to help ease the discomfort.


What are you waiting for? Get waxes by one of our specialists today! We’ll leave you with smoother, longer-lasting results.